SWFT Vibrant Decay Group Show


Supporting Women, Femme, and Trans Artist Group invites artists from the Niagara region (Ontario) to participate in discussions about their experiences as artists, with the aim of building a supportive community that empowers each member. This is not a critique group! SWFT focuses on building relationships that embolden each member in pursuing their creative work. This will be accomplished by talking about what projects we are pursuing (or want to create) and the struggles we are encountering. Group discussions will provide opportunities for members to seek support, resources, and strategies for living a creative life.

SWFT welcomes creatives of all backgrounds, including but not limited to: persons with disabilities, Indigenous, Black and racialized persons, and persons across a spectrum of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Artist Statement:

Sometimes we grief a loved one after a lifetime of memories. Other times we say goodbye to a long pursuit of passion and excellence. As we age, we may also regret unrealized dreams that now seem out of our reach.

It is then the ebbs of life that help us focus on its other gifts of solitude, rest, and simple everyday life.

The beautiful cycle of brokenness and rejuvenation may bring new loves, undiscovered adventures, and opportunities to inspire and share our joys with others.